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Zeiss Loxia Distagon 2.4/25mm


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If you read through the raving reviews online … they are true.
I have yet to make decent photos, just took some handheld captures out of the window.
But even from these crappy shots it’s clear that the lens is very, very strong.
It is damn sharp wide open and the edges/corners are more than just „usable“ (on A7R2).
Stopped down 1/3 to f2.8 the lens shows a pretty even sharpness across the frame, though it gets even better in the corners when stopping down further (of course).
Exactly the lens I was waiting for.

BTW: again a Loxia that doesn't need to be serviced. All my Loxias have been plane from the very beginning ... while almost all Sony lenses I've ever bought have been decentered and needed replacement or service.


It will be nice to see images. Post them when you can.

I have been looking the wide Loxia(e) but in comparison to the Zony 16-35/4 zoom, at the moment, they are too expensive. I am most likely to buy a zoom from eBay.

PS: for those outside the EU, this Loxia has been available for a few days here.:)
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I definitely can't resists this new 25mm Loxia. I already have the 21mm and the 85mm. I didn't think the 85mm would impress me, as I already had the Voigtlander 65mm f/2 APO. But of course, the sharpness and overall performance of the 85mm Loxia blew me away. Same with the 21mm, but I don't use it as much. The 25mm will be a welcome addition.

Dear Zeiss, please come out with a 28mm f/2 Loxia...


No pics?

One good thing this lens did is to ease the prices of the 21mm distagon! :thumbs: