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Hi 58Dave,
I've just decided to sell my still like-new Rm3di, accessories and lenses, so if you find that jagsiva has already sold his Rm3di then we should talk.
The R-mounted lenses include the Schneider Apo-Digitar 35mm, Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital 55mm, and the Rodenstock Apo-Sironar 135mm.
Let me know how your enquiry with jagsiva goes.
I have a used rotaslide in great shape, as well. We can Zoom if you wish to see it. with box.
Let me know.
Hi Will - Did you ever come up with a 120mm Macro BR lens? I would have contacted you, but at the time, I did not have any in my certified pre-owned inventory. I do have one now. Please let me know.

Steve Hendrix/CI
Will Deleon
Will Deleon
Hey Steve

I have not found a used one yet! Definitely interested.

Thanks for reaching out
Hi! I'd love to purchase the 57 rolls of film but for whatever reason can't send you a direct message.
Question On LR Classic I just upgraded Portrait Professional Studio Max and love the program. I cant go from LR to this software. When I click on Photo Edit In and select this program I keep getting the License and Install everytime. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Dennis
Never used that software. You MAY have to do a TIFF export and then import the processed TIFF. That's not hard to do. If the new file ends up in the same folder as the old file, simply select "Synchronize Folder" from the right-click menu and the new file will be added to the LR library.
Thank you for the Quick response. I will check it out Thanks again
Hi, I just repurchased the Z and 2 zooms. SMC Pentax FA 645 AF Zoom Lens 80-160mm f/4.5 and SMC PENTAX FA 645 Zoom 45-85mm f/4.5 for 645
They ARE Very Sharp and I like the Image quality. I also have the D-FA 55 and FA 75 2.8 and the FA 150 Lenses. I dont know if I need all of them since I purchased the 2 zooms BUT I will keep them anyway. . Any suggestions when using LR Classic for the Z profiles? TY
Hello Ed. This year I want to follow your direction to the Fuji 100S. Question; do you have an autofocus adapter for your Pentax lenses? Or do you use them manual and does that work well? I am very glad with the Pentax 28-45 and am afraid I will miss it. The reach is perfect for me, especially on the wide end. And how do your other Pentax 645 lenses fare on the fuji?
Ed Hurst
Ed Hurst
Hello there! I have replied to this comment in a direct message to you - as the character limit here wouldn't let me reply fully enough. Please look at your inbox :)
Hi Derek, I forgot to mention that I do not have the box for the little flash, but the other one(Flashpoint) is new in the box. They are priced so low I'm surprised either was still here. $145+$65=$210+PayPal=$218.00. I'll cover Priority Mail. I'm assuming you are in the US.


Hi Geoff,

600$ should be also fine for me but plus all expenses like paypal fees and shipping.

Shipping is 28€ (incl. 500€ insurance and tracking) paypal fees around 25€ in dollars: 60$
So $660, to send to you via Paypal, yes? Thank you.
BTW, you don't know anyone with a 3100 for sale? :)
Hi - I don't have a Phase One back yet, but planning ahead! Will you take $600 USD?
Seem to be collecting cameras that I intend to use one day soon, in addition to those I've had for many years.
Member here since 2009.
Hello - I see you have had success with revamping Hasselblad battery grips -

My name is Bruce MacNeil - I am in Toronto. Hoping to restart my H3D.
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Nice! It's pretty easy if you know how to solder. Hardest part is the wait time for the new cells to arrive.
Hello Jack
Can you remove that sex-thing-thread under "Nudes...etc.."?
I think it might scare people away from the site, and anyway annoying.
KR Thorkil
Hi Andy,

I saw that you're after a center filter IVa for the Super-Angulon XL 90mm. There is one in Australia on an eBay auction ending in less than 24 hours. I only know the fellow from Facebook, have never met him, but he seems very decent.