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NEW reduced price $6,000. Rodenstock 32mm f4 HR short barrel with ALPA mount included

pls send me invoice for alpa hr paypal:[email protected]
Jerry Reed
Where are you located? I am interested in your offer, and shipping to CONUS.
You can ship to my US address.My US address is DE 19805.
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Thank you very much, Rob !
I will read one more time Robert's article about this lens.
It's got a 62mm image circle, do you think it's ok for shifting/tilting on cambo ?
Shoot me a note at [email protected] I typed up a response but it wants a max of 420 characters, so it's too long!
Hello, I saw your FS post about the Mamiya 645 lens and adapter. Have you had any experience adapting 67 lens to the GFX? Thanks.
Hi - thanks for the PM. No, I have no experience with adapting any lenses other than the one I have for sale. - Dan
Hi there, how much for the Leaf Credo 60 alone? thanks, Gebhard
Hello Gebhard.

At this moment I'd like to try to keep things together, but possibly down the road I would split it up.
Just out of interest, what pricing would you be thinking of for it?


Hi David, thanks for the reply. I managed to buy a used Leaf Credo 60 in the meantime
Hello Gebhard.

No problem. Would you mind if I asked how much you were able to yours for? At this time I have no idea on pricing for a used Credo 60 back, and could use some help.


Hi there, are you still selling the Credo 60? If yes, a RAW file with an opaque piece of plexi glass in front of the lens would be great.
Also, does the sensor have any fungus or similar on the inside? I'm asking because that's a problem I had with my Credo 40.

thanks, Gebhard

Gebhard Sengmüller
Leopoldsgasse 6-8/8
A-1020 Wien
tel +43 699 15 45 59 29
mail [email protected]
Yes, The lens was sold at posted price. Too bad you miss the boat. It is a real bargain. Some conditioned one sold at E-bay for over 3k. is an online store located in Canada that sells varieties of Security items like Duty Belts, Police Footwear, handcuffs, duty pouches for handcuffs, flashlights, etc.
Hallo Peter,
vielleicht ist das 24xl doch interessant für mich.
Ich finde keinerlei Bilder, die mit diesem Objektiv und dem großen Sensor gemacht worden sind ohne Ausschnitt.
Kannst Du mir vielleicht ein Bild überlassen, damit ich abschätzen kann, ob mich die nicht vollständige Abdeckung störten würde.
Also einfach ein Bild, ohne jede Bearbeitung und mit dem großen Sensor.
Freue mich von Dir zu hören
would you take $250 shipped and paypal'd for the shift adapter?
As long as it is shipping in the Continental US I'll take $250 shipped and papal'd.

Send me your paypal email and I'll send you an invoice.

I recently got an offer to buy the 63mm Fuji for 750 plus fees and shipping... so around 780-800 to you everything included... can that work?