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Thread: Question Re Pixel Shift and Lens Performance

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    Question Re Pixel Shift and Lens Performance

    Just a general question about lens performance and pixel shift. I plan on using the S1R as a scanner, so multishot is important to me. As is the ability to actually render detail.

    Great macro lenses can probably out resolve the 47mp sensor, and maybe even the new 60mp sensors. But 187? That seems like a stretch...

    However, since pixel shift is essentially doing a bunch of samples, so is the resulting file subject to the same limitations as a theoretical actual 187mp sensor? The image samples I've seen seem to be fantastic, so this is just something I'm curious about.

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    Re: Question Re Pixel Shift and Lens Performance

    Since you are sampling at the frequency of the native resolution, pixel shift is simply filling in the space between the pixels and so the lens does not have to resolve at the same resolution of a 187MP sensor. But if the image is soft at the native resolution, it will be appear softer in the shifted file. Also, at 100% monitor view, you are still going to have the same DoF as a 187MP sensor meaning film flatness will still be an issue if you are trying to get the most information out of the reproduction.

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