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Thread: WidePan adapter & Barrel Lenses, some questions

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    WidePan adapter & Barrel Lenses, some questions

    Have post same question but on wrong forum so her again..

    I just got a Speed graphic with a aero Ektar lens and i am looking att those WidePan adapters with Hasselblad H mount.

    Now as i see they have a release Button but as i have read the Phase One H mount need a OneShot Cable Release, right?

    In general how is the workflow of a WidePan adapter using it with lens with shutter & Barell lens (in my case with a speed Graphic & a focal Plane shutter)?

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    Re: WidePan adapter & Barrel Lenses, some questions

    I have try to find some aswers but its hard. With any adapter, Widemount or not, i need a OneShot Cable Release. As i have see the oneshoot cable release will work with barrel lenses to as i can atach it to my speed graphic Focal plane release.

    What i am not sure about those adapters if the fit to a speed graphic or any one that have a international Graflex back

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