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Thread: Nikon 360/500/720 lens

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    Nikon 360/500/720 lens

    I have NIKON converter lens set in mint condition. No fungus OR scratches. With caps I want to sell them any idea what they are worth today.
    They provide 360/500/720 mm focal lengths.

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    Re: Nikon 360/500/720 lens

    I'd guess around $2000 - depends or wear on the threads of the removable rear element. The 720mm rear element is quite desirable. However, I'd say that large format gear in general has lost quite a bit of value over the past year or two...

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    Re: Nikon 360/500/720 lens

    Check with EP Levine, KEH, and Midwest Photo. Of course you can figure they will not offer you anywhere near what they are worth so keep that in mind. What you might do is put them up for auction on flea bay with a very high reserve and see what kind of interest they generate. If you put the reserve high enough you will most likely not sell them but if you do you will not care LOL and it will give you an idea of what they might bring. Of course it might cost you $5 or so to find out.


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