I just purchased a Phase One p45+ back for use on my Sinar view camera, and I need a newer digital lens in the 90-105mm focal length range. I like the bigger image circle of the Rodenstock over the Schneider lenses in this range. The lens that I purchase will be my workhorse go-to lens for studio product work, so the decision is important.

The 90mm is more expensive, and I'm assuming a better quality lens since it a Digaron W. But on their web site, Rodenstock mentions that a couple of their Apo-Sironars were simply renamed to Digaron W, so I'm not sure about any difference in quality.

I have seen quite a few people who love the 90mm Digaron, but haven't seen much written about the 105mm Apo-Sironar. Does anyone have experience with this lens, or even better, a comparison between the two? Thanks for your help!