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Thread: Schneider Digitar for 4x10"

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    Schneider Digitar for 4x10"

    Has anyone ever tried a Schneider Digitar (180/ 210mm) on a 4x10"-camera?

    I know, it's an entirely different experience than 8x10" - but I guess the panoramic format would be interesting and using tiny lenses with higher IQ would make the decision much easier!?

    According to Schneider, they have a image circle of 240mm diameter but 4x10" is 270mm.
    But the image circle is given at f11, I guess stopping down to f16 at infinity (otherwise the image circle is propably large enough already) won't increase diffraction dramatically!?

    But that's theory, has anybody actually ever tried it? There have been some raving reports on 4x5" and 5x7" with Digitars (even the 120mm with a theoretically too small image circle) - but not beyond.

    I know some of these lenses from usage with MFDBs and they're great, better than most 35mm-lenses, IMHO.
    In comparison, most "native" LF-lenses aren't that great and it not only clearly shows in MTF (same contrast @ 10lp/mm than Digitar @ 20lp/mm)

    I don't want to upgrade to LF to make just contact prints and use lenses from the 1930s @ f64... Some more actual resolution in the film would be nice.

    Wait! Am I completely wrong, is this image circle diameter or radius? On the Schneider-site it says diameter!? Using the 120mm with 90mm diameter on 4x5"? What are these guys talking about?
    I will check it further, but I can't find a "delete"-function so, if I'm completely mad, just delete the thread - thanks!
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    Re: Schneider Digitar for 4x10"

    It's 120mm diameter. If you want a current Schneider lens in those focal lengths for 4x10 it will have to be an Apo-Symmar L, not an Apo-Digitar.

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