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Thread: Attaching a Nikon DSLR to an old Kodak view camera

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    Attaching a Nikon DSLR to an old Kodak view camera

    I did some google searches and found it has been done with a Nikon D800 and a single rail 4x5 view camera. I'd like to know if anyone has bought or built a pack for a view camera. My questions:

    What back did you use and what extention tube did you use?

    What lens did you use on view camera?

    Would a 65mm lens or a 180mm lens work?

    Does AF work on the digital camera work?


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    Re: Attaching a Nikon DSLR to an old Kodak view camera

    65 sounds tight - flange focal distance might be a problem.

    This chart shows the flange surface to rear of lens distance for Schneider lenses - the 58 XL has 31 mm, and a flange focal distance of 70 mm, which leaves 39 mm distance from lens to film plane.

    Wikipedia states that Nikon F mount has 46.5 mm flange distance, so you cannot focus a 58XL at infinity.

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    Re: Attaching a Nikon DSLR to an old Kodak view camera

    I use my d800e on my Cambo 4x5 quite a lot. Lars is absolutely correct even a 150 will not focus at infinity. I use a 210 or longer lens and it works just fine. What you gain is swings and tilts, I stitch and get really a big file, but I can stop down to f/32 or f/45 and it doesn't matter a whole lot since I am making the equivalent of a 4x5 negative. Not a lot of magnification.

    Mostly I use this with a 13" Cooke, no swings and tilts, but a big file and at f/6.3 bokeh to die for. It is big and bulky and ever so slow.

    I am not certain if you meant auto focus, but I would think that, that would be one heck of a trick.

    Oddly focusing is not that difficult, and on the 210 since it is a f/5.6 lens the focus check thingy works just fine.

    I use manual exposure however, otherwise the camera makes some really odd decisions.
    The adapter is made by Fotodiox and works just fine


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