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Thread: Say Hi to my new Cambo Wide DS

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    Say Hi to my new Cambo Wide DS

    Hi there,

    this my first post in the Large Format Thread. Tuesday my new camera arrived from the UK:

    a Cambo Wide DS with the Schneider Super-Angulon 58 mm XL f/5.6. I use a Horseman 6x12 back for panoramas - I ordered the camera for that reason, as I had initially no intention to do 4x5 sheet film.

    Well, my first take-out was a bit mixed.

    The good news: looks like everything is in good condition. The lens, copal shutter and camera works all nicely.

    The bad news: There is a dark slide . Needless to say, that I did some additional images on another, much more exciting place, BUT - I forgot to remove the darkslide, and instead of six images, I just got two out the roll of film. Well then

    This one is the very, very first image I did. It's not that sharp, as I decided to go with f/32 and one second shutter time. Film is Kodak T-Max 100, developed in Tetenal Ultrafin T-Plus.

    The images of this post are delivered from my new blog I started when my first film camera arrived:

    Its in german language, but some of you are capable to read it. The others may enjoy the images.

    On Saturday, I will leave for two weeks in Italy - looking forward to do more exciting images than this one above.

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    Re: Say Hi!


    6x12 was one of my favorite formats. With black and white, a center filter for the 58mm lens may not be that important, and even nice, but if you start shooting color, you may find it very useful from keeping a blue shift toward the corners.

    You might find between f/11 and f/16 ideal. Below that, vignetting will start to increase. The center filter will help a bit with that.

    Anyway, great format and a perfect lens for that. Looking forward to the holiday pix.
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