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Thread: Digital back - options ?

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    Digital back - options ?

    What are the options for a digital back on my Chamonix 4x5 ?
    Will the film-feeling disappear? I guess the cost might be bigger than the taste..
    Experience anyone ?

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    Re: Digital back - options ?

    I've no experience so take this for what it's worth. I'd not consider anything except a Betterlight scan back on a view camera like this. It would be like driving Mercedes on a dirt road.

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    Re: Digital back - options ?

    I agree with Doug on this one. Most likely you would need to make a custom sliding adaptor plate system for the Chamonix for an MFDB and those things need to be precise otherwise focusing will be all over the place. No telling what something like this would cost to have custom made. I have just started using my BL lately with a Zone VI and thus far things have gone better than I would have guessed. But you do have to have a laptop out in the field to use one, not everyones cup of tea. But IQ is nothing short of amazing when you get it right.


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    Re: Digital back - options ?

    I received my 4x5 Chamonix last week.
    I have a P45 that I use on a RZ ll plus on a Sinar F with an adapter from Digital arts institute.
    The adapter fits like a dream on Sinar but I have big problem to fix it on the Chamonix.
    That is due to the different locking mechanisms on the cameras. On the Sinar the locking mechanism slide in at an angel and can handle different thickens of adapters . On the Chamonix the locking mechanism goes straight in and if the plate is thick then it is a problem.
    I also have two roll-film magazine from Horseman that is a bit of a problem to fit. They are almost to thick but with some force it works.
    The Digital Arts adapter is fixed, but I can slide the back of my Sinar so panoramas is no problem.
    But on the Chamonix this is not possible. So I have ordered the following adapter that will handle this problem:

    I will have it next week I hope, then I will know about the thickness of this adapter. If to thick then I will machin it so it will “sloop” on the edge so the locking mechanism for the Chamonix can slide on to the adapter.
    If there is some interest I can show some pictures of the different configurations for my Chamonix camera when I have all the pieces.

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    Re: Digital back - options ?

    Thank you folks.

    Ray - I am interested since I want a solution on this.
    What about quality loss? Will be happy if you keep me updated on your results.

    Eventually send me an email: [email protected]

    Hope to find the best solution for this. As I am travelling the world I suddenly have the needs of a dark room from time to time.. A digital solution would be more convenient.

    Best regards,


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