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Thread: 5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

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    5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    I am toying with the idea of going back into LF.
    I used to own an Ebony RSW45 & 110 Super Symmar XL, but sold it a while back when Quickloads disappeared.
    I've played with the Linhof MT in a shop, and was surprised just how much more solid it felt compared to a wooden camera - eg, no wobble at all even when pushing on the front standard.
    My question - does the Linhof's precision and solidity make any difference compared to a wooden camera in terms of its printed output? Or is it simply nice to have the metal camera "feeling" more precise in use?

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    Smile Re: 5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    Yes and no. The Linhof is more precise, but the pleasure of working with the Ebony is hard to deny. I've never seen any problem from wobble with Ebony shots, but then again, I haven't used it at maximum rack in the outdoors winds. If you were to put a digital back on it, and try stitching shots together, that could be an issue, as there is quite a bit of movement when considered that way. For a standard film shot, both are fine cameras. Choose what you prefer!

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    Re: 5x4 - wood (Ebony) vs metal (Linhof MT)

    Biggest issue for me with an Ebony was the poor quality fresnel, Very dim and muddy. Other than that I think I'd prefer the Ebony and I have owned both. You could always get a Maxwell fresnel for it.

    I don't think the Ebony would be that much less solid.

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