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Thread: The Wisner Convertible Plasmat

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    The Wisner Convertible Plasmat

    Hello All.
    Need some help with those large format convertible. Have a beautiful practically new set, have no idea of the cost.
    In the nice wooden box with brass plate. Copal #1 shutter.
    Considering eventually selling it. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Peter
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    Re: The Wisner Convertible Plasmat

    Well, I remember them. They were in the $4000 range and not impressive at all so I never bought the set. I think they might have collector value, but you might need to research the large format site(s) or ask the question at Luminous Landscape, if that site is still going?

    Good Luck,


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    Re: The Wisner Convertible Plasmat

    From the Wisner catalog:

    Name:  Wisner Convertible Plasmat sets.jpg
Views: 84
Size:  52.2 KB

    All of which is irrelevant to what it's worth now. As always, with a highly specialized item that rarely comes up for sale, there is no "going rate". Probably the closest thing you'll find to a benchmark is the price of antique casket sets.
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