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Thread: Fujinon W

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    Fujinon W

    Dont know much about Fujinon W lenses, just that outside lettering means they are multi coated.
    Im looking for W 125 or 135 or 150 or 180, all f=5.6.
    Is the image quality of one of these better or worse or are they on similar level.

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    Re: Fujinon W

    I always shot with the "A" series Fujinons. They were small, had huge coverage, and sharp. Besides, they were a bargain compared to the Schneider and Nikon lenses.


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    Re: Fujinon W

    I have the 135 and the 150. Can't really tell the difference in image quality. Somehow I do prefer the 135, great focal length. For their weight and price they are hard to beat. Not a lot of character or the last word in sharpness, but plenty of both. Wide open it is quite a decent portrait lens and for landscapes it is plenty sharp. It just isn't really special to me, but a light lens for that price is very handy to keep around.

    I think now that a lens between 110 and 135mm could be my only landscape lens. The 90 is great to have and often used, but it feels a bit wide when I'm shooting. I often really like the results though after developing.
    My sensible kit is going out with a 90, 150 and a 210. My lightweight hiking and scouting kit has only the 135. You can pick them up very cheap and just sell the ones you don't want.

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