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Thread: Erwin Puts M9 Review

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    Erwin Puts M9 Review

    Hi all --

    I have been doing a fair bit of research on the M9. Lots of good buzz on it. I found Erwin Puts' review to be remarkably complete. It did raise a couple of questions regarding color shift and moire handling. Other than those issues, the M9 (with M lenses) seemed if not the equal of the D3X in terms of IQ, at least extremely close to it.

    I am just wondering what others thoughts/experiences are with these issues and also whether they are "hard" issues (ie, a function of the camera's hardware) or rather "soft" ones (ie, ones that might be addressed in future firm ware updates)?

    Thanks much,

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    Re: Erwin Puts M9 Review

    Photography is all about experimentation and without it you will never learn art.

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