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Thread: 28 f2.8 LM and ZM

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    28 f2.8 LM and ZM

    I'm looking at picking up my first lenses for an M8. I have been looking at the Leica 28 2.8 Elmarit, and the Zeiss 28 2.8 planar.
    Comes down to the qualities of these 2 lenses, and price. The Elmarit seems to be a very high contrast lens, having read Sean Reids review of the 28's gave me a nice feeling for the available 28's. I wanted to get others feedback on these 2 lenses, I'm tending toward the zeiss, because of cost, and because its not quite as contrasty, the bokeh seems less active and more to my liking. Anoter motivation is that I can get both a 28 and 50 zeiss for the same price as the leica. Thoughts?
    Shaun O'Boyle

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    Re: 28 f2.8 LM and ZM

    For an M8, the Zeiss 28 is fantastic. On the M9 is vignettes quite a bit. Also, the Zeiss 50 Sonnar and Planar are WONDERFUL! Not as well made as the Leica but IMO, just about as good in the IQ department. Just a different look. Zeiss is a tad warmer and richer and Leica is a bit more neutral.
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