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Thread: Correct way to attach Leica strap to M8

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    Correct way to attach Leica strap to M8

    I have an M8 and what I believe is a strap for a previous model M. The hooks on the ends of the straps have a slight curve. Which is the correct way to put them on? When the camera is hanging from the strap, should the convex side of the curve face the camera body? With the convex side facing the camera, I see that the bottom of the plastic clamp touches the pad above the eyelet, and the outward curve prevents any other part from touching the side. It seems to make sense. Do I have it right?

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    Re: Correct way to attach Leica strap to M8

    You got it right. I have the convex side facing my M8 body also that way the strap won't rub off the edges

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