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Thread: M9 vs. S2?

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    M9 vs. S2?

    Just a small question:

    When will you see a difference in image quality using a M9 vs. an S2. Is it just when you print larger than A3 or will you see the difference already with screen pictures like you see here with user examples in the forum?

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    Re: M9 vs. S2?

    It's a fair assumption that it'll be pretty difficult to really assess the superior image quality of the S2 based on jpg's posted here, or in the galleries. You need to see either large prints or full resolution files to be able to compare realistically the differences. Whilst large prints will show resolution differences and detail, I certainly found that in my past comparisons with previous generation medium format backs that the subtle colour & tone rendering differences between larger format digital and smaller sensor/lower bit depth images was evident even in smaller A4 sized prints.

    I'm sure Guy/Jack and others can give you a more definitive viewpoint having just gone through this testing.

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    Re: M9 vs. S2?

    My experience with my P25 is not only a slight difference in quality, but a different look altogether. When I shoot architecture with my cambo, I seem to be able to achieve a technical precession, clinal almost. The M9, on the other hand, oozes with character, with each lens delivering it's own signature. (not to mention the different aspect ratio of 2x3 vs. 3x4) I'd suspect the S2 will produce files closer to the phase backs.

    Personally, if it's for a client, I'm shooting the phase/cambo and occasionally a 5DII. If it's for me and/or fine art, it's the M9. It hardly has left my side since getting it.

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