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Thread: WATE and M8 filter adapter question

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    WATE and M8 filter adapter question

    I see that this filter adapter is available for the WATE to allow mounting of an IR cut filter when using it on the M8. Since it prevents mounting of the hood, will there be problems with this combo? I know that the Milich adapter allows simultaneous use of the hood; how much better is it than the adapter ring alone? And I am also puzzled about the cheapo black (paper? plastic?) ring that is provided with the adapter; why is it needed?
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    Re: WATE and M8 filter adapter question

    The ring is to keep stray light out.
    This "Rube Goldberg" adapter is to me the silliest solution which any one could have thought of for a wonderful lens.
    I ordered the Milich adapter which only adds a very little bit to the length of the lens and and allows you to use the original hood. An elegant, and perfect solution.
    It was shipped to me here in Holland without any problem and that should be even easier in the U.S.

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