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Thread: M9: Fountain of Youth?

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    M9: Fountain of Youth?

    Second day of getting familiar with the M9. This gem really takes me back. No control wheels? No programmed scenes? Aperture clicks, shutter speed dial and focusing rings? These are a few of my favorite things. Sans the digital aspect it feels like the '60s to me again. The only things missing are my hair, eyesight and my size 32 jeans.

    The attached image is a quick click I took the first day of camera in hand. I would say adjusting to framing the image in a window, where I cannot see every millimeter as in an SLR, is the biggest factor. The bonus in this however, is the serendipitous factor of finding surprises in the resulting image.

    I'm working quite slowly with the camera so far, especially since two of the lenses I will use the most, the 28 and 50, are pre-ASPH and not coded. I have to use the manual lens detection feature and of course, that slows me down in lens changes. Which brings me to a question. What happens if I do not change from auto detect using a non-coded lens? Do I only lose exif data regarding the lens and its settings, or would I denigrate the image or perhaps harm the camera in some way? Aren't the bright lines properly set without 6 bit coding?
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