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Thread: Baseplate Out of Whack

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    Baseplate Out of Whack

    I'm not sure what happened, but the locking mechanism on the baseplate of my M8 is now "out of phase" with the camera side of the lock. Before, I would turn the lock until it stops, and then tuck the lock's handle into the recess. Now, a full turn of the lock leaves the handle in almost 180 degree position from the recess where it belongs. As a result, I can only turn the lock about one-quarter turn before it lines up with the recess. This works, but the baseplate is wobbly since the lock is not fully tightened up.

    Is there any way to adjust this? I see a screw on the inside of the lock, but I haven't tried to disassemble it yet.

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    Re: Baseplate Out of Whack

    Without seeing it, I can't really advise you, but sounds like possibly the stop screw on the latch went missing...

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    Re: Baseplate Out of Whack

    Could be. I've examined the thing long and hard and can't figure out what happened. Just wondered if anyone else had a similar problem...

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