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Thread: Leica X1 and Ricoh GR-DIII - a comparison of the physical sizes

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    Leica X1 and Ricoh GR-DIII - a comparison of the physical sizes

    Here is a comparison of my two favorite small cameras. One a small sensor and one an ASP-C sensor.

    Front view X1 0n left.

    No a lot difference here


    We now see how much thicker the Leica X1 is. This why I'll keep my GR-DIII for a true shirt pocket camera.

    The simple X1 top nice knobs to select shutter speed and apperture. One great reason to love it.

    The backs - Leica has specific buttons for ISO, FOCUS, etc. no menu drilling here or level selections like the GR-DIII.

    The flashes - Leica has a lovely deco cylindrical flash which one need merely to tap to bring it up. But it can be accidentally popped up. We'll see Ricoh's fix for this.

    Lenses extended - not that much difference. But note the locking switch for the flash on the Ricoh.

    I'll keep both for different jobs and the very clean image the X1 has at 3200.
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