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Thread: what about flashes

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    what about flashes

    I know many don't use a flash with an M8 but sometimes you really do need one. I use the Metz 54 MZ 4i and find it very good. I am wondering if I could use something like the Elinchrom Skyport to fire this and maybe my Canon flashes remotely. Also what about portable studio flashes?

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    Re: what about flashes

    Hey Tim glad you came aboard. i currently use the Metz 54 4I also and a Nikon SB 28d an older unit but works and when you turn it on you can adjust the ISO than use on A mode. For studio stuff i downgraded to some small units made by Dynalite called Twinkles , there 400 watt mono's and have 4 of them and adding some more. But they work pretty good and I use Microsync transmitters to fire them

    here is a shot using 4 Twinkles

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