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Thread: Leica X1 has new competition

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    I looked at some of the Companies that offering pre-orders and they wanted 100 bucks. You can get Amazon (when they start taking orders) for nothing.

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    Quote Originally Posted by sven View Post
    This is not a Leica camera but surely the camera is aimed at "Leicaisque" photographers. This should give the X1 some serious competition.

    This is the new camera released by Fuji. It is a 35mm f/2 fixed focal length cam with all the other Fuji goodies. Check out the link

    Why didnt someone make this camera in the first place?

    My initial thoughts were...WOW

    I was relishing the leica x1 and eagerly read reviews after reviews and my conclusion was that the x1 did not meet my wishlist mainly because

    - it had a slow f2.8 lens
    - it did not have a good viewfinder, after having used an olympus vf2
    - the performance especially the focus was not getting good reviews
    - it is expensive
    - the results compared to m43 like olympus ep2 was not worth paying the difference

    Now this fuji x100 is announced, it seems the Fuji researchers have done a good job. They seem to have got this right.

    However, please Fuji,

    - Make the shutter SILENT.
    - Also please make auto ISO work like the ep2 and not like canon 5D.
    - Please have spot metering AE lock and AF lock in one half press of the shutter button.
    - Please make AF really fast, we dont need 99 AF points, just one great AF point will do.
    - Please make IS built in or else make high ISO of 6400 really clean and detailed.
    - Could we have one in black, or gun metal grey?

    my wishlist appears to be answered.

    - the viewfinder is on the top left of the camera, finally my nose is not going to soil the screen behind.
    - the viewfinder can be switched from optical to electronic, how cool is that
    - the controls seem like what we need, lots of direct dials instead of menus.
    - fast f2 lens
    - 35mm focal length, the most versatile length
    - very close focus ability
    - pro build quality (maybe even water/dust resistant?)
    - built in ND filters, smart
    - it looks retro, it looks like a real camera

    I want one badly, but please dont price it like a leica x1.

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    Please put 5-7 AEB on the wish list.

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    I'm looking for a simple camera and the Fuji has a lot going for it:

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    I still have not read anything about the AEB of the Fuji X100. Does anyone know how many exposures it does in Bracketing?
    I just purchased the Nikon P7000 because the specs said it has 5 shot AEB. When I received it, I was disappointed to to discover the AEB will not work with the remote or time delay. If I didn't live in the Bahamas where its hard to ships stuff, I would send it back.

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    Re: Leica X1 has new competition

    one month to go till release, I've read all the comments here... some familiar faces. This is what a lot of us always wanted from the initial release of the M8, a fixed lens digi rangefinder-like camera. I really can't wait, it'll be pretty cool and convenient... even for a die hard Tri-X user like myself


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