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Thread: Value Help -Summicron-R 50 and Summilux-R 50 R-cams?

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    Value Help -Summicron-R 50 and Summilux-R 50 R-cams?

    Hi guys,

    I'm not so familar with the value of R lenses so help is appreciated.

    First 3 pics are a Leica Summicron-R R-Cam E55. Made in Canada, a bit of body wear. No mechanical issues or optical issues. No dust or fungus. It's missing the original cap so there's a minolta one. With Leica E55 UV filter and rear cap.

    Second 3 pics are a Leitz Summilux-R R-Cam made in Germany. Very little signs of use. Original front and rear cap. Clean glass.

    Thanks for an info you can provide.
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    Re: Value Help -Summicron-R 50 and Summilux-R 50 R-cams?

    try Ebay - look at the completed auctions for these 2 lenses over the past month and that should give you a very good idea on their value today..

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