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Thread: M9 - SF 58 Flash and the S2

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    M9 - SF 58 Flash and the S2


    I am headed to UAE / Afghanistan / India and Greece for a little R&R... I know, Afghanistan? R&R... My wife thinks I am crazy.

    Anyway, Like to take the S2 with the 70mm, M9 with the 24, 35 Lux and 50 Noctilux...

    I am about to purchase a flash for the trip. I need to Make sure the flash is going to be compatible with the M and S.

    How is the Leica SF 58, how does it perform with TTL?

    I hear that I should consider the Metz 58 AF2. Is the Metz compatible with my cameras? I get mixed analysis from my searches on Google.

    They looks the same, are they technically comparable or is the Leica version at end of lifecycle due to expected updates?

    Your helps is much appreciated.
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    Re: M9 - SF 58 Flash and the S2


    Wow, what a trip! I'll get started with some preliminary answers but I'm sure many others will chime in with more comprehensive responses. I can only speak for the SF-58 and Metz 58 AF-1 or Af-2 on the M9, since I don't own a S2. The Sf-58 can do TTL with the M9, although is a bit of a cludge sometimes. I hear thhe same flash does TTL well on the S2. The Metz 58 Af -2 flash doesn't do TTL with either the M9 or S2...just "A" (auto) flash or Manual flash. "A" works exceptionally well with the M9 as does most Nikon flashes that have a "A" mode. I've sued the Nikon SB-800 with the M9 in the "A" mode, and it works good too. It's size is better balanced than the giant SF-58 or 58- AF2. Whether TTL on the M9 is worth it (due to it's cludgy use), it up to the user..but I assume on the S2, its worth having. Anyhow, I hope this info gets the ball rolling with infomation.

    Dave (D&A)

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    Re: M9 - SF 58 Flash and the S2

    The SF58 on the S2 provides excellent TTL ability, with very little pre-firing delay. Just be sure to set the flash to TTL-HSS mode. One of the cool features is the ability to sync at any shutter speed up to 1/4000th. Bounce flash metering also works very well.

    TTL on the M9 isn't quite as seamless, but works well nonetheless. The SF58 also balances on the S2 much better as the flash is quite large for the M9 and tends to tip it forward when around your neck on a strap.

    Hope this helps.

    David Farkas
    Leica Store Miami

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    Re: M9 - SF 58 Flash and the S2

    I see it as follows:
    I have only experience with the Metz54i with propper SCA adapter.

    On the M9 Auto seems to work as good as TTL exposure wise, with the advantage that in A mode there is no delay for the flash.
    Also the Metz when used in TTL the second reflector doesnt work (it should work with the Leica SF58 in TTL mode though).

    On the S2 it is the same-but then there is HSS which only works in TTL mode.
    So TTl makes more sense than on theM) IMO.

    I wonder if the SF58 Leica flash has a shoter delay (between flash and pre-flash) in TTL mode than the metz54 with sca adapter. I dont know.

    As long as I dont need HSS I prefer to shoot the Metz in A mode.

    I talked to Metz recently and they did not know if Leica will ring a new model of the SF58 based on the 2nd Metz version.
    I dont think there are any major differences between the Vers.1 and Vers.2

    I am interested to compare thae 58 Leica to the Metz54 regarding delay after pre-flash.
    If the Sf58 is faster than I would probably get the Leica.

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