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Thread: M9 default iso

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    M9 default iso

    just curious what others are doing as a standard iso setting.

    does one try to keep the iso down as much as possible to say 160 iso or is it not even a concern with digital capture on the M9.

    besides the noise at the higher iso like 1600, is there anything lost by capturing at 800 iso as opposed to 160iso?

    by default from shooting film i'm thinking that if there is enough light 160 iso would yield the best image quality but not sure if that equates in the digital world.

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    Re: M9 default iso

    The native ISO of the M9 is 160. 80 ISO is a 'pull' setting, in case you really desperately need the lower speed, but you do loose dynamic range. Anything higher than 160 and you begin to create noise, moreso in any underexposed areas of the image.

    But higher ISO's are very usable with the M9, you can get very clean files at 800 to 1250 depending on the anti-noise software you are using (presumably LR or Photoshop). The big problem with the M9 is that the LCD renders an even more awful impression of the image when using high ISO's, it has no relationship to the far higher quality you can expect when the image has been downloaded.

    So if you don't need a higher speed, stick to 160, but don't be worried about bumping the ISO up if you want to use faster shutter speeds or the light gets dim. The good thing is its easy to try these things with a digital camera and just see what happens.


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    Re: M9 default iso

    ISO 800, just last night on the M9 w/1,1/50 Nokton wide open. No NR in post.

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