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Thread: M9-P $7995

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    Re: M9-P $7995

    This release is some kind of marketing strategy, a way that I think all big companies must do to attract the attention of customers and the public not to forget them LOL... Just touch the M9-P two days ago. Only black version, any body had the chrome one. First feeling is the same design of the old MP black paint/chrome in a bigger body. Really beautiful but IMO still prefer the original one. In this case the price is not something extraordinary. Leicaman who have money and want an upgrade to an ultimate M9 body with saphire LCD willing to pay more 500Eur. Still better than you upgrade from M8 to M8.2 with the same body and need to pay 1200 EUR. But for now it is better to get a used M9 at a very good price. I still love the one with the red dot. )

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    Re: M9-P $7995

    Leica also revealed that it has already sold more than 1500 M9-P cameras, which was announced yesterday. "We have another 1500 being produced now," says Schopf
    British Journal of Photography

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