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Thread: New Leica shooter

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    New Leica shooter

    A couple weeks ago, I asked for advice here on a lens if I were to dive into an M9. After a lot of GREAT advice, I got the M9, a used Summicron 50mm f/2 from someone here, and I'm off and running.

    It's been a thrill so far! I love the camera, the feel, size and construction; I love the lens; the whole experience. I am very colorblind and tend to think photographically in black and white, and have a long darkroom background, so I usually only leave digital images in color because my wife asks for color. That said, even *I* am stunned by the colors and how 'ready' images are from this camera. I take them into lightroom where I'm used to doing heavy PP and I'm at a loss for what to tweak! So I don't :-)

    Here are some first attempts, snapshots while I get my arms around the camera... If you're interested, I've set up a blog to document this new photographic journey.

    Thanks for all the help so far...this is a great resource!

    M9, 50mm f/2, 1/30, ISO 160

    M9, 50mm f/2, 1/350, ISO 400

    M9, 50mm f/2, 1/1500, ISO 160

    M9, 50mm f/2.8, 1/25, ISO 400

    M9, 50mm f/2, 1/1500, ISO 160

    M9, 50mm f/11, 1/30, ISO 1000

    M9, 50mm f/4, 1/125, ISO 160

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: New Leica shooter

    Hi Jeff, those are some good shots.
    I myself am new to rangefinder experience having shot DSLR for a couple of years.
    However, my direction in photography has changed recently, wanting to document daily events as I go through life. And by chance, bumped into the rangefinders world through Stevehuff's site.
    I have been enjoying this new experience. And for me, a good photograph, simply is one that conveys a meaning or bringing back memories. It can be something very simple but it documents a event or thought.
    So, thank you for sharing and enjoy shooting.

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    Re: New Leica shooter

    That last picture is, to me, amazing. Nice depth, good contrast, and just plain interesting (again, to me). Thankfully, picture critique is still more or less an exercise in subjectivism.

    Not a rangefinder man myself, but could see myself with an old Bessa 35mm some time in the future.

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