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Thread: the easyness of panoramas with a Leica

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    the easyness of panoramas with a Leica

    To be perfectly honest, its easy with any camera as long you have LightRoom 3 and Photoshop.

    Just came from Bora Bora, where is the only place on earth where real colours are actually better than the photographs I've seen prior.

    The sea is aqua blue, pearl and turquoise and in many of my pictures I had to lower saturation ( from DNG's ! ) not to appear "comic" alike.

    Then I tried to take panoramas by locking the exposure and taking repeated photos and then back home I discovered how easy it is - really only pushing couple of buttons and its done.

    I'm trully a fan of this now and these panos are greatly reduced : each one outputed a 90 mega pixel image and the details are absolutly ashtonishing.

    I now have a poor mans MF digital camera

    All images shot with Noctilux ( to avoid distortion, its the only 50mm I own ) and were created with the "Edit as Panorama in Photoshop" in Lightroom and then few tweaks again in Lightroom ( WB, Saturation and crop ).

    They took around 30m to create ( PS was working hard ) and about 5m to adjust.

    Hope you enjoy my first attempts :

    Also, it was my first attempt at HDR; the sun was quite bright and the light was eerie, the sun is overexposed but that was due to my bad judgement at the time in terms of exposure. Good thing about camera being a Leica - focus is off, exposure is off - its YOUR fault, not the equipment. Still I find that is a nice shot and conveys what I was seeing, but I feel in this regards ( HDR ) Photoshop is not the perfect solution and must be better out there

    Best regards,

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    Re: the easyness of panoramas with a Leica


    If you find distortion a problem (depending on the lens you are using) it is often better to use the camera vertically in the portrait format. But I agree, with Photoshop its a breeze to construct simple panoramas.


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    Re: the easyness of panoramas with a Leica

    Wow ! very nice


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    Re: the easyness of panoramas with a Leica

    But your subject may be making it hard on you. I would stay another month to make sure you get it right.

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