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Thread: 50mm Summilux ASPH Availability

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    50mm Summilux ASPH Availability

    Hi, guys.

    Over a couple of months ago, I called up one of the Leica dealers that advertises in one of the Leica related sites. I was looking for a black 50mm Summilux ASPH. I was told I would be 7th or 8th in wait list. But they also said that I can be at the front of the line if I paid for it in advance. They gave me an estimate of them getting deliveries every 4 to 6 weeks... So I went ahead and pre-paid for the lens.

    Over two months later, they are claiming that they still have not received one lens during this time. I thought the backlog on the 50 Lux'es were no longer that bad. That authorized dealers were getting at least one lens every month... So, for those with contacts with authorized dealers, is my wait normal? Or am I being put off because they already my money?


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    Re: 50mm Summilux ASPH Availability

    As I understand it,wait times for this lens are far longer than you were advised and
    my interpretation of your case is that the dealer was not entirely honest in their
    efforts to secure your cash


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    Re: 50mm Summilux ASPH Availability

    I only can speak about Germany but I have placed an order for a 75mm Summicron about 15 months ago.
    Twice Leica said I will get delivery soon and it didnt happen.
    I havent put much pressure in this since I have a 75 Summarit which works fine but what I understand is that the delivery situation at Leica isnt anything close to predictable.
    Long delivery times is one thing, not being able to give a time frame of delivery is very strange IMO.
    The only good thing about it that all this keeps the price for used lenses up (good for those, who allready own many lenses).

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