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Thread: Leica M9-P Viewfinder framing lines

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    Re: Leica M9-P Viewfinder framing lines

    Quote Originally Posted by fotografz View Post
    As I said, I believe you will get what you seek in the M10.

    Fingers crossed, Marc, fingers crossed.



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    Re: Leica M9-P Viewfinder framing lines

    Quote Originally Posted by fotografz View Post

    The M10 will retain the traditional rangefinder focusing because it would be corporate suicide not to.

    However, it will be a CMOS sensor, therefore will also allow LCD Live View. Presumably, it will be a better resolution LCD or live view would be useless.

    I see the framing aspects of M cameras as neither a flaw or a charm. It is a given with a mechanical rangefinder camera. Other attempts to alter this type of rangefinder shooting experience have not fared well ... like the Contax G cameras.

    The concept of "a Leica M purist" stems from being a significantly different relationship with the subject compared to other cameras like a SLR. Whether all Leica M users get this relationship, or use it to its greatest benefit, is a different matter altogether.

    In essence, it is all about an intuitive view of content over what the image may look like. Not only is the framing approximate, you have no direct feedback as to what effect the focal length has on the subject, or what effect the selected aperture will have on DOF. Intuitive experience is the only guide, if a guide is even needed for this type of photography.

    I use a rangefinder for this specific reason, and can say with certainty the unfettered relationship with the subject, and world I may be shooting in, provides an undistracted result where a forced focus on content and emotional immediacy trumps draftsman accuracy.

    Sometimes I get lucky with a DSLR, and retain that rangefinder type relationship despite all the feedback as to what the image will look like. With a M camera the ONLY feedback is what the image is about, so the content relationship is assured ... and has been since I began using one all these many years ago. My work across the board suffers "content separation anxiety" when the M isn't an integral part of my tool kit. The M helps keep me grounded in what my images are about, and strongly influences all my work with other cameras in that regard. Others may not need that, but I have learned that I do.

    - An M is a mechanical-optical rangefinder camera. If the M10 does not have an optical rangefinder, it is not an M. Leica would hopefully name such a camera something else. I bet they would suffer marketing consequences if they didn't.

    - I could care less if a sensor is CMOS, CCD, RTFM, FUBAR, LS/MFT, or whatever technology ... as long as it does a great job of recording the image with extraordinary detail and a great dynamic range.

    - If the M10 provides Live View, great—always a nice plus, but I really couldn't care less whether it does or not. I use other cameras when I need ultra-precise framing accuracy; it's a different photographic mode at work.

    I have more than enough equipment for any photographic need or want I have at present, and for a long time to come. I might not be ready to buy a new camera until the M12 or M13 is released. I hope they remain Leica M cameras.


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    Re: Leica M9-P Viewfinder framing lines

    Critical framing is overrated but I would indeed find live view valuable for other reasons. Remember also that it is rumored that the M10 will be B&W only....

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