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Thread: M8, 2500 ISO and C1 Pro v. 4.5

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    M8, 2500 ISO and C1 Pro v. 4.5

    The new version of C1 Pro is finally up on Phase One's website. It's another large, complex piece of software, with it's own quirks and keyboard shortcuts. It's going to take a while to get anywhere near mastery of it.

    So why bother? Preliminarily I think it may have the potential to do a better job on M8 high ISO files than anything that's gone before it. I've posted comparisons below - to tell whether this really works (ie doesn't result in a too plasticy look) I'm going to need to shoot for the next couple of days at 2500 to generate a bunch of files to work with.

    It would be great if anyone else out there with the new C1 Pro could use it on some high ISO files and post the results.

    The samples were properly exposed in tungsten light at 2500 iso. No heroics in terms of digging for shadow detail.

    The current ACR (the one that downloaded yesterday). I nudged up the noise sliders until it looked pretty good, but not too plasticy.

    Attachment 8376

    C1 Pro v. 4.5. The defaults on sharpening and noise reduction (it reads the file or its exif info and adjusts the defaults accordingly).

    Attachment 8377

    Same file but subsequently processed with the AKVIS plug in, using the autodetect settings.

    Attachment 8378

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    Re: M8, 2500 ISO and C1 Pro v. 4.5

    From your sample I prefer ACR noise pattern.
    But I notice the color is difference between ACR and C1.
    Which one is correct?


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