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Thread: The great René Burri

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    The great René Burri

    I was yesterday in a London Gallery, in Dover Market, and René Burri was there signing books, the last who He released: "Photographs".

    I came later but thanks to my couple (She "jumped" the controls jaja) I could go where René Burri was, buy a book, promise the manager that I wouldn't go to ask for a sign (the event was OVER)...

    So, took my book, go and ask for a sign, He said "yes" but you're the last one! and ask me where are You from, I'm from Spain, I said, ooooh! Spain! Picasso!! Yes!! (I'm from Ronda in Málaga province as well).

    So He wrote me "HASTA LA VICTORIA BRUNO" , like the Che Guevara words.

    And He left me take a picture of him. He told me.. wow! What camera are these? My Leica M9 and M2! Oooh La La Bruno! Your business have to be good (not at all! jaja).

    Was a great experiencie and I decided to keep my leica M9p equipment instead of medium format

    Sorry for my english:

    Le grand René Burri por Bruno Gracia, en Flickr
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    Re: The great René Burri

    great story and a wise decision!
    David Young
    My journey into Leica:

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    Re: The great René Burri

    Great artist, great story.

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