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Thread: leica wide angle vs normal/tele

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    leica wide angle vs normal/tele

    are leica wide angle lenses 28mm/35mm inherently less sharper then 50/75/90mm?

    i think this is true for all lenses, wide angles by design can be very sharp but a 50mm is inherently sharper then a 35mm etc in general..

    true in theory?

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    Re: leica wide angle vs normal/tele

    Not Any longer. Critical viewing of files from my 35mm Summilux FLE are on par with my 50mm asph Summilux. I believe both are easily as good as my 90mm apo asph Summicron. From first impressions I believe my 24mm Elmar is pretty close to the 35 & 50.

    In decades past the Summicron 50's were generally better than the 90mm offerings and certainly the wides.

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