Im at the moment downloading the trial version of Capture One 7.

A bit frustrated with Lightroom lately, mostlye due to its folder structure, and every once in a while, it starts acting up.With LR3 right now.

The GetDPI crowd, I find, are the most proficient (cross) users of both C1 and LR. Can C1 replace LR in its entirety? The biggest reason Im still sticking with Lightroom is the use of SilverEfexPro, which Ive, in cooperation with LR, used since v1s of both.

Whatever application I end up running, will run on both my iMac and my wifes new Macbook Air (I spit in some cash to get the fastest version, and it literally smokes my iMac) for travelling, and all my photos are on an external HDD anyway. Can editing on the Macbook, while on travel, be saved on the HDD and be synchronized with my iMac when we get home if I use Capture One?

What does Capture One do for my M9 files that Lightroom cannot?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,