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Thread: Leica M9 sensor free of charge

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    Leica M9 sensor free of charge

    Yap, thats the one liner story : I tried to clean my sensor ( for the first time ) with some dual spec product ( one dry, one wet ) a few times and there was always something I couldnt get out.

    So I got fed up and put the camera on Leica Portugal to clean the sensor.

    A few hours after, a dreadfull call came in" could you please come over ? we would like to talk about your M9".

    So what happened ? Although I used utmost care, I simply destroyed the protective coating that is on the glass before the sensor. Also the extra liquid went to the oily bits and was about to start dripping on the sensor. Big mess then.

    My M9 was sent to SOLMS and I was looking at my credit card : baby you going to get burnt really bad.

    But to my surprise, a lovely letter from Solms appeared saying : "since you are a long and faithfull Leica customer, we will replace your sensor, new protective glass, rangefinder overhaul free of charge".

    Well, its true though : I just recently sold all my dSLR stuff so I could buy a S2 .. but I was over the moon.

    They even called Leica Portugal and said "it would be easier to give away a new M9 but we reckon the customer wants to keep this one?" , they call me back and I said "yes, I want a big overhaul on that one rather than a new one ( M9, if they offered a M240 I would hesitate ) .

    Reason being that my black chrome M9 is brassing everywhere and has taken more than 90k shots... they know its being loved

    So here is my little Leica story - once I got my house mugged ( long before M8 was even a dream ) and Leica UK helped and traced back 2 of my stolen lens. Now, Leica Portugal and Leica SOLMS gave me a new M9.

    And the Nikon rep ask's me why I dont buy a D800 ? Well, I rather be a Leica customer than a Nikon number. Or a Canon for that matters.



    ps : happy easter to everyone !
    Leica M9 | 50mm Summilux ASPH |
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    Re: Leica M9 sensor free of charge

    Great. Meaning it's more than just about that 'glow' gleaming from that favourite Leica lens of yours If they keep up with this kind of service, they'll win over many more fans, users and owners in the times ahead. 'Jump ship', as they'd say.

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