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Thread: step from M9 to M type240 - your experience?

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    Re: step from M9 to M type240 - your experience?

    Lol, nice Bob. She's quite modest, but yes, my days of spending big in Leica will be scattered a bit further apart now....
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    Re: step from M9 to M type240 - your experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paratom View Post
    Now that more and more people have used the new M for some time I would like to ask how you feel about the switch.
    -was it worth it (for you)?
    -which are most important improvements (for you)
    -do you like the files as much as the M9files (or better)?
    Back to the original posters questions:

    -For me, it was worth it. The M9 was always a nice camera, but had limitations. The M addresses these issues pretty well.

    -The most important improvements are in ISO and dynamic range. The sensor is far and away better than the CCD M9. Although, some noise has been made on the forums about color, I find it to be improved as well. Leica should be releasing a new firmware version to address WB and color issues shortly. LV ability greatly expands the M's usefulness in many situations and with a wide variety of lenses. The improvement of the battery life is also very important to me.

    -The files are very much improved. This is on of the most important points for me. Dynamic Range and high ISO improvements are stunning. This has to be one of the top 4 best 35mm sensors on the market. File quality is a big improvement over the M9.
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