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Thread: Monochrom Processing in Aperture Aperture?

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    Monochrom Processing in Aperture Aperture?

    Does anyone have a good formula for processing Leica Monochrom files in Apple Aperture? Of course, every file is different and my taste may vary from yours, but I would appreciate a good starting point for reducing the "flatness" of the image to something with a little more bite.

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    Re: Monochrom Processing in Aperture Aperture?

    I just recently got a Monochrom and am a long-time user of Aperture and the NIK Software plug-ins. So, I have been using Silver Efex Pro 2 (SEP2) for all my processing. I first use 'Boost' in RAW Fine Tuning in Aperture to recover highlights, and then go directly into SEP2. I haven't done any processing using just Aperture because I like what SEP2 does and the controls within that application are great!

    I tried using Lightroom 5, but couldn't make it work for me--I've been using Aperture since version 1 and am very comfortable with it, plus I like the way Aperture integrates with other applications, and the file management in Aperture is amazing!

    Good luck... Look forward to seeing what you produce!!!


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