I am sending this along as it may be of interest to forum members here.

LHSA is a member organization for Leica enthusiasts as well as collectors.
LHSA Raffle tickets are on sale through July 11.

This year, the Grand Prize winner will have a choice of a complete Leica T outfit or a Leica M camera body. The Leica T outfit includes two lenses, a Visoflex eye level viewer, and a Leica M lens adapter. The Leica M is offered as the alternate Grand Prize.

The Second and Third Prizes are the Leica V-Lux 4 and Leica D-Lux 6.

This is the first year that raffle tickets are available to nonmembers -- but membership is a good thing too.

Read more details about the prizes: http://origin.library.constantcontac...FFLE+FLIER.pdf

Raffle tickets are on sale at www.lhsa.org/raffle.

The Raffle drawing will be held on Tuesday, July 22.

for more info email: [email protected]

I hope you will also consider joining. You will get discounted raffle tickets as well as the benefits of membership, including the excellent "Viewfinder" magazine.