My first Leica that is affordable. I was going back and forth between this and the Panasonic LX5 as they are essentially the same camera as I've read. I wanted something for travel and as a backup to my Canon dSLR. This is smaller than I expected which is actually great because I can fit it in my pocket!

As for price, if you think about it, the copy of Adobe Lightroom and the 3 year warranty basically means it costs about the "same" as the LX5 if not getting a better deal IMO. Yeah, I like the red dot too...and the build is really solid for this camera..and a beautiful one at that. The menu is pretty intuitive. The manual isn't all that informative.
Picture quality looks great, I like the different formats..I can take square pics or wide angle..

The special effects aren't as robust as the Olympus Pen, but I use graphic editing programs anyway....gets a little noisy above 1600 but again, I have noise reduction software..but for its size and convenience and the fast 2.0 lens, available light photography is great. I use this mainly as my street photography/photojournalism cam.

I would've given it 5 stars if it had a viewfinder...I really wish these companies producing these compact cameras, 4/3 cameras and the like would have a built in only makes sense. Also, don't get the Dlux4 battery for this, it won't fit. I have to wait about a month before they release the ones for Dlux5 and exchange the Dlux4 battery.
But I'm happy so far and hopefully I'll be able to update to the M series someday.