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Thread: Where can I get my R35/1.4 ROMed

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    Where can I get my R35/1.4 ROMed

    With their "crisis in customer response", I am highly reluctant to send anything to Leica service right now (long story, don't ask).

    Is there an alternative service resource to get have ROM installed?

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    Re: Where can I get my R35/1.4 ROMed

    I don't know if you remember my post on the LUF from the fall, but when I was in Toronto shooting a football game I took the opportunity to have Kindermann ROM my 400mm f2.8 and 180mm F2. I dropped my lenses off one day and picked them up the next morning.

    They have a flat rate which was about $300. The ROM process requires the chip to be programmed and Kindermann has the program and hardware to do this. They also have parts to ROM most of the lenses. My guess is this ROM software and hardware is only at the Leica country distributers and not likely at independants.

    Their contact info is on the web site. If you copy and paste their email, there will be a space in it that will prevent you from getting through. You are best off calling and talking to Gary, the administrative guy, or Gerry Smith the service manager.


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