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Thread: Playing with the DMR

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    Re: Playing with the DMR

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Jones View Post
    Guys, I will share a little trick with you that works for me. I'm 58, and blind as a bat without glasses. NONE of the focusing aids works worth a darn for me unless the light is bright daylight, and even then it was hit and miss with the DMR. But the one thing that always worked was watching the contrast as I was focusing. Leica glass just seems to snap into high contrast when it is focused correctly using the DMR. Even in very low light. It does take some time to train your eye to see it, and especially your brain to accept it, but once you master it I found nothing better.... That trick, combined with using hyper-focal distance presetting were the magic combination.
    Interesting post - It made me realize that that was exactly what I was doing without knowing I did. Another thing that works well for me is not focussing on the subject but on another part of the image with better structure that lies in the same focal plane. For instance furry or feathered subjects are often hard, but the grass just beside them easy. I can then "walk" the focus through the image from front to rear.
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    Smile Re: Playing with the DMR

    My very first DMR shot, my living room when I first moved in. Still have it, but use my M8 mostly now due to size and weight. Not planning to sell it yet, too many R lenses accumulated over the years.


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    Re: Playing with the DMR

    Quote Originally Posted by doug View Post
    Yup, has worked for me as far back as the Nikon F in the 1970s with the E viewscreen.
    Hey Doug, take a wild guess on what camera I learned that trick on, and when?

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