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Thread: New(to me) M8 observations

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    New(to me) M8 observations

    frame lines! the framelines are completely useless to me. they are not even close! i can use them as a guide, but i cant believe how off they are!

    dust! the sensor was COVERED in dust which i mostly removed with some air.

    crop. the crop factor throws off everything for me making it hard to prepare.

    so far i am enjoying it. it is becoming my go-to walk around camera and i will keep my 5dmkii for concerts and other really low light stuff.

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    Re: New(to me) M8 observations

    Hi Drazin,

    Don't get discouraged, it's like a new pair of jeans. There scratchy and uncomfortable at first, but you walk around a little and get a couple of washes in, and they become your favorite attire.

    You WILL get used to the frame lines and what seems awkward at first will become second nature.


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    Re: New(to me) M8 observations

    I have to agree with you about the frame lines; they are only a guide. With more use you get used to framing the shot. I shoot with a 12mm and 18mm lens without using an external viewfinder (o.k., for the first frame I do, but just to get my brain into "that" mode. A few peeks at the LCD screen and off I go.) Roger

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