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Thread: New battery pack that works better then ?

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    New battery pack that works better then ?

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    Re: New battery pack that works better then ?

    This actually looks like a very nice device, and seems to be able to provide plenty of power for most shooting situations. What I like is the ability to use some decent monos without having to snake extension cords everywhere to get enough power. The pricing on this kit is not cheap, but then it does seem pretty simple and powerful enough to handle quite a bit and last for several years of hard use, so that can mitigate the price some.

    I have the DynaLite XP1100 unit (sealed lead acid battery, but with the inverter), and it does a very nice job of producing "clean" sine wave power that is safe for more sensitive electronic gear, like laptops an stuff. My only gripe is that it never lasts long enough, even with an extra battery along, plus is it pretty heavy and harder to carry/move around, despite being smaller. This LittleGenny case arrangement does sound like a pretty good solution for folks that need juice to last, carry and set-up easily and not really worry about.

    I can see using one of these with a few Profoto D1 Air monos to have a very nice totally portable studio lighting set-up.


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