I am trying to emulate the gorgeous portraiture of Richard Learoyd.
Please no flames about copying styles.. I find it a great way to learn.

see his work here:
He has a magnificent print in the current "Dress Code" show at ICP New York.

Of course his look has much to do with the fact that he works with a room size camera obscura.
I am working with a Phase 1 back, AFD body and Hasselblad 110mm f/2 lens (adapter fitted to AFD)
The classic beauty of his lighting and grey/blue background impress me greatly.

Any helpful hints??

1) Lighting - lightbox (s) ? I doubt umbrella.
2) That beautiful grey blue background -- muslin to simulate that? I am trying to avoid looking too 'mall studio' which I fear most backdrops produce.
3) Narrow DOF. Think I can handle that with 110m f/2 lens.