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Thread: Using a Handle Mount Flash on an Umbrella stand

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    Using a Handle Mount Flash on an Umbrella stand

    Gary Benson bought a Hasselbald Pro flash from me and wondered how you mount it on an umbrella stand.

    HOW TO:

    The camera platform on Handle Mount flashes (AKA Potato Masher) can usually be connected horizontally or vertically ... to use one on a stand, use the vertical mount option (see Photo).

    Using a typical Jointed Umbrella Bracket shown below, use a double stud to attach the flash base plate to the Umbrella bracket. A stud like this with threads:

    It needs to be a double in order to clear the umbrella thumb screw that tightens down on the umbrella shaft.

    Gary's new Pro Flash can be used wirelessly with Pocket Wizard radio triggers. Gary will need two PWs ... one to set to receive connected to the flash, and one set to transmit mounted in the camera's hot shoe. In this case Pocket Wizard does make the proper cord to trigger the Pro flash. Gary is getting 2 cords with his new flash. He'll also need 2 of these to work wirelessly:

    I attach the Pocket Wizards to the flash with a Pocket Wizard Caddy which includes a bungie cord.,6564.html

    Simple Dimple


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    Re: Using a Handle Mount Flash on an Umbrella stand

    Thank you Marc! For a flash novice like me, this is a really terrific explanation. The pictures and links to the necessary gear really help alot.

    Now to wander over to B&H Photo, credit card in hand.


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    Re: Using a Handle Mount Flash on an Umbrella stand

    While somewhat pricey, Tallyn's offers the perfect Metz 45/60 type flash mounting bracket:

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