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Thread: profoto pro-b3 or hensel 1200L

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    profoto pro-b3 or hensel 1200L

    I learned that the profoto's air remote system is not fully functional with pro-b3.. but the new hensel 1200L power pack can be used with air remote and supports all its functions such as changing power ratio.
    ...I really like to get into profoto system but being restricted to use only air sync triggering on pro-b3 pack is annoying..
    should I still get pro-b3 or go for porty 1200L?
    thanks for any input.

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    Marcin Harla

    Re: profoto pro-b3 or hensel 1200L

    Nobody can really tell you what to do. Everybody has a different workflow. The decision should be based on YOUR needs.

    If controlling the pack by Air is crucial then you have your answer right there.

    I for one don't care that much about being able to control the generator from the camera. I find turning knobs easier and faster than fumbling with remotes - all you need to do is to keep the pack close. Use extension cords when needed, although they are $$$ (around $400/each)

    I use Pro-B2 packs which are pretty much the same as Pro-B3 except the Air.
    LiFe batteries can be used with B2 if you need to save some weight, but I don't bother as they are too expensive and I can have a couple lead-acid type for the price.
    I love these packs. Ultra fast recycle and very short flash duration. They are a pleasure to work with.

    Having said that, Hensel is half the price and that is hard to neglect. If they were available when I was building my kit I'd give them a very serious thought. In fact I may add a couple 1200L units to my inventory in the future.

    One thing to consider since you are considering location kit.
    I've heard Hensel mount is pretty rigid but it's worth double checking. Profoto mount is built like a tank. I was shooting couple days ago in a ridiculous wind and everything held up no problem. Something to keep in mind...

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