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Thread: Comet Lighting Package

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    Comet Lighting Package

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but what do you think would be the best way to go about selling a Comet Package. I've had it on CL here in Chicago for a month or so now, and it hasn't sold. It seems too big to ship, otherwise I'd through it up in the FS Forum right now.

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.


    Package includes:

    1250W Power Pack
    (3) Strobe heads
    PocketWizard Plus Receiver/Transceiver
    (3) Reflectors
    (2) Barn doors
    Grid Set (10-40 degrees)
    (2) Comet light stands
    (1) Calumet Floor stand
    (2) Umbrellas
    Litedome Softbox
    Carrying Case
    Bag for stands, umbrellas, softbox, etc.

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    Re: Comet Lighting Package

    FED Ex will ship this.
    I always ship my lighting gear Fed Ex when I travel. Give them a ring?

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    Re: Comet Lighting Package

    Yeah, I just feel like shipping something this heavy (these days) would be cost prohibitive to any profit I would make during a sale.

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