In a recent discussion on another thread, the topic of radio system diversity was ranted about a bit. I thought to pick up that specific subject for discussion here ... here's an excerpt to kick it off ...

<rant> .... This is a silly point that flash makers are competing on, that is the form of a module that might be used for triggering their various light systems. It would be far better to standardize on a module pinout that might be used in both camera and meter.
I currently use elinchrom skyport triggers and have a meter with built-in pocket wizard triggering and a camera that accepts an accessory grip for built-in profoto air. stupid stupid stupid </rant>


Bob, your "RANT" is well appreciated.

Producing a huge range of proprietary radio systems is simply an irritating marketing ploy to force systems purchase, and is a disservice to photographers world wide.

I lay the blame at Pocket Wizard's feet ... they had started to become the standard, and was included as a built-in for a number of strobe systems ... then they rested on their laurels.

I do take my hat off to Hensel of Germany. They included both their proprietary Strobe Wizard, AND the Profoto AIR as well as the specialized (and amazing) Free Mask radio recievers in the Hensel Porty Lithium battery generators. Of note, the Porty AIR allows full control of the levels which is not possible with Profoto's own B600 AIR.

However, any system with built-in Pocket Wizard triggers is left out in the cold ...and you are back to buying new receivers or transceivers for every mono or generator with PW built-in. Simply beyond stupid


What are your thoughts on this subject?